travel to the origin safari kenya

Track rhinos on foot and discover the Samburu tribe

in this Limited Edition Safari in Kenya,


only 3 travels per year


January 2020 – Track wild rhinos on foot and discover ancient tribal traditions that remain hidden in the cradle of humankind. You will live an intimate experience with the African nature away from tourist crowds. 

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Discover amazing wildlife


Lovely monkeys

Multi-coloured birds

Little beings

And huge beings

Travel to unexplored lands

Enjoy walking safaris

And Game Drives in natural reserves

Visit a unique elephant orphanage

And walk with a troop of baboons in the wild

Witness ancestral traditions

And live a fly-camping adventure

Discover a paradisiacal island

...hidden among forests of mangroves

Relax in spectacular rooms

And rest in a remote beach away from crowds

The most wilder, wonderful, different and unforgettable experience I ever had. A beautiful and powerful reminder of our connection with nature. Excellent choice and organization of all the activities!

Andrea Bignon

There is a before and after taking this trip. I never imagined a safari in Kenya could be such a life-changing experience. Getting to know the Samburu people at such a deep level was a real privilege. Amazing food and times around the fire. Can’t wait for the next safari tour!

Andrés Bermúdez

It just transforms you. In the savannah your instincts awake and you feel more alive than ever. For me, sleeping in a mobile camp in the middle of African wilderness is definitely one of the highlights of this trip. It is an unforgettable adventure! Everyone should experience this.

Constanza de Ramón

Travels per year

Days in Kenya

Persons maximum per group

Days included in the beach

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In this limited edition

What you will get

Hand-made journey

This safari has been hand-made with members of the Samburu tribe

Fly-camping activity

Enjoy the unique experience of fly-camping in the wilderness, no fences

Intimate experience

Enjoy a unique experience with African nature away from crowds

Track rhinos on foot

Unique activity. Track wild rhinos on foot guided by professional rangers

Samburu tribe

Go deep into a tribal culture and discover ancient traditions in the wild

Elephant orphanage

Visit the first elephant orphanage in Africa created and ran by a tribe

Paradisiacal beach

Relax in a paradisiacal beach with white sand, turquoise sea and beautiful coral reef

Get inspired

Unique journey designed to inspire you and provide emotional awareness

Limited edition

Only 10 travels a year

And there is more!

Baboon Walking

You will join a unique scientific project that studies baboons in the wild to provide solutions for the conservation of the species and walk among them in the wild, watching them play, feed and interact around you.

Forest trekking

You will also visit an ancient forest inhabited by Samburu people and wildlife and enjoy a natural pool hidden between magnificent trees.


What is included

We take care of everything since the minute you land until the minute you take off


  • Full board accommodation (all hotels and meals)
  • All park fees, activities and entrances
  • Internal transfers
  • Domestic flights
  • Private 4X4 vehicle
  • Professional guide
  • Expedition Leader
  • Fly-camping experience (all gear, private cook and private staff)
  • Water during activities
  • Beach Getaway
Price per person


Included: Beach Getaway


Open Air Rooms

This is the terrace of one of 7 exclusive bandas (spacious rooms) on top of sand dunes, set in total privacy from each other. Each room is unique and has its own character. You will have magnificent views of the mangrove creek or Indian Ocean. 

Away from crowds

Enjoy walking, swimming or sunbathing on a stunning beach with no one else around. The constant change of tides opens up different opportunities each day, exposing coral reefs, beaches, ancient ruins, and natural caves, all offering a new adventure.

Hidden among forests of mangroves

Discover the creek side, where a whole different ecosystem exists. Enjoy kayaking and sailing on a private Dhow, watch monkeys play on the shoreline or snorkel in different coral gardens.

Don’t end up with another typical shallow holiday

Life is a journey, make it epic!