Luxury Africa safari of a golden era

Recall a bygone era of luxury in the Masai Mara

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Experience a safari of golden years while exploring the fabulous Masai Mara

Travel through dense populations of wildlife in one of Africa’s most famous wild lands. Take an early balloon ride over the Mara plains and enjoy stunning game drives. Discover the Masai culture, stunning game drives and unique walks. Indulge yourself in a soothing canvas bath in the middle of breathtaking wilderness and relax enjoying a restorative massage with African essential oils.

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Authentic luxury safari

In this safari

enjoy the authentic luxury of original safaris

You will be taken back in time to recall the luxury of a golden era in the middle of breathtaking wilderness.


Get to know an authentic Masai tribe. Visit a real village, a warrior school, and spend time with the children of the tribe.

Explore Africa as in ancient times

Relive the true essence of a safari adventure experiencing a one of a kind 5 stars Fly Camping experience!

Experience a unique balloon ride

Take an early morning balloon ride over the Mara plains and enjoy aerial views of this world famous Reserve.

Experience amazing game drives and sundowners in the famous Masai Mara Reserve

Settle in for a stunning picnic lunch by the river in the middle of the Masai Mara

Take an early morning balloon ride over the Masai Mara plains culminating in a bush breakfast

Walk through a private Conservancy with our trained walking guides and visit a unique Masai Warrior School

Witness the sun setting over the vast African plains while indulging inĀ a soothing canvas bath

Enjoy a massage with African essential oils in the middle of breathtaking wilderness

And discover a unique 5 stars Fly Camping Experience like in the age of exploration

Experience the authentic luxury of Masai Mara

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