About us

We provide the best safari experiences in the African Wilderness to create emotional awareness towards wildlife conservation

Why we are here

There are only few wild places left on the planet and they are essential for our survival as Human Species. In Wilder Experiences we believe that it is our lack of personal connection with wildlife, tribal cultures, people and nature, that is growing as the biggest threat to their conservation. That is why we are on a mission to break out of apathy by inspiring more people to share and actively protect the value of wild nature, ancient tribes, and wildlife.

Experience, connect, engage

Our personal experiences living and traveling in Africa have convinced us that in order to engage with the African Wilderness we first need to take a step out of the comfort zone and experience it on the ground. For that reason we design, provide and promote authentic Kenya wildlife safari holidays and uplifting tours into the Wilderness. 


Wilder Experiences is born for the ones willing to keep exploring, for the ones looking for real cultural exchange experiences, for the ones looking for inspiration and adventure, and most especially, for the ones that want to see and experience real Africa.

hey, this is us!

Constanza de Ramón

Constanza de Ramón is a Chilean journalist and communications specialist who lives a nomad life and has spent the last three years traveling between Chile, Kenya, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. She has participated in different conservation projects, spending time with the Samburu tribe in Kenya, and the San tribe, in Namibia where she led the work of a Bush Kindergarten for the children of the tribe as a volunteer. After learning about the multiple reasons that are endangering African wildlife she decided to work to inspire others to conserve wildlife and created Wilder Experience.

Kelvin lemantaan

Kelvin Lemantaan is a conservationist, professional guide and member of the Samburu Tribe, in Northern Kenya. Committed to the preservation of his culture and the African flora and fauna, he lives in Samburu National Reserve, where he runs an unfenced camp. Along with managing touristic projects and hotels, he has wide experience leading safaris and has worked with prestigious companies guiding tours in different Kenyan Reserves. Kale Puas, Kelvin for his friends, has also participated in the Peace Cop Kenya and Laikipia Peace Caravan II.