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Its unique treehouse design overlooking the Indian Ocean is simply one of a kind. Here every room is open to nature and unique, every meal is designed to increase your vitality, and there is yoga for everyone.

If you are a passionate traveller you have landed in the right article. This hotel and yoga retreat house in the Kenyan Coast is every intrepid traveller’s dream. Here we give you 5 reasons why!

1 | Unique treehouse hotel overlooking the sea

We all dreamt of having our own Treehouse in the garden when we were kids. If you are one of the lucky ones you actually had one and you know how unforgettable it is. If you didn’t, this is your chance! No matter what group you belong to, we all know that there is something magic about sleeping up on a treehouse. Now imagine that treehouse is a 4 stories open house in a coastal African forest right next to the sea. Or stop imagining and watch the following pictures instead!


If you are looking for a vacation to really break free from your daily routine a standard hotel just doesn’t make it up for the challenge. Try a memorable stay in a wonderful and unique treehouse hotel instead!

2 | Connected to nature

At Watamu Treehouse every room is unique and open to provide an intimate experience with nature, and there is a perfect fit for everyone. If you enjoy waking up for sunrise there is a room specially located and designed to experience beautiful sunrise views. If you are into star-gazing another room located at the rooftop offers the best views of the night sky. If you enjoy the lush green of the indigenous forest or the turquoise colours of the ocean there is also a perfect space for you.

And it is not only about the rooms. At Watamu Treehouse there are multiple dinning rooms and every floor has its own open veranda and lounge area with unique touches. Guests are welcome to explore them and discover new inspiring views while relaxing close to nature. 

3 | A place for yoga, relaxation and meditation

Having a non-traditional safari is quite a fantastic adventure! And at the end of any adventure what do you want more? To rest and relax. That is what makes this Treehouse hotel such a favourite experience among our guests. Everything here is designed to help you slow down providing deep rest and relaxation.

The hotel calls it The Treehouse effect: “the experience of rejuvenating your mind and body through the right balance of rest, healthy food and activity in nature” (we’ll talk about the amazing food and activities in a minute).

Watamu Treehouse is not only a hotel but also a yoga retreat house led by a team that live what they offer everyday. Here you will be able to learn and practice yoga, meditation, and to enjoy massages and other activities meant to reconnect you with your natural state.

4 | Meals designed to increase your vitality

Banana pancakes? They are as tasty as they look!

Here is what you need to know about the food at Watamu Treehouse. Everything is as healthy and tasty as you can wish. The hotel has developed their own recipes. They only use fresh products and they always chose local and organic when they can.

The menu here is specially designed to increase your vitality and it can be customised to you own dietary needs.

5 | Incredible activities

We mentioned yoga, massages and meditation, but there is more! From grabbing a local tuk-tuk to go kayaking in the ocean or paddle-surfing among a forest of mangroves, to enjoying stunning sundowners in the sea or having a unique Swahili breakfast on a white sand bank, there is one thing for sure: you will never get bored.

Have you ever experienced a treehouse hotel?