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At this beautiful lodge in Samburu, Kenya, each tent sits on a raised deck overlooking the Ewaso Ngiro River. Here crocodiles like to come out to lounge by the river’s banks and elephants are regular guests.

Samburu National Reserve is our favourite place in Kenya. Yes, as simple as it sounds. That is why we care so much about where you stay during your visit, and Samburu Intrepids Lodge gives you all the best of both worlds: wilderness and luxury.

Samburu Intrepids Lodge, a pioneer in Samburu Reserve 

When nobody knew about Samburu, Samburu Intrepids Lodge was already there, opening the way with a few other lodges to tourism in one of the most untamed areas of Kenya.

At Wilder Experience we love going off the beaten path. For our guests it is all about exploring, discovering, and experiencing the essence of a true safari adventure. But all the adventure requires having a good rest.That is why in Samburu National Reserve we love staying at Intrepids, a luxury lodge of Heritage Hotel with over 20 years of first class service.

With a privileged location at the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River, in the heart of the Reserve, Samburu Intrepids is the perfect spot to make the most of game viewing and to have an intimate experience with the wilderness during your stay. 


Here, all the tents are located on their own raised deck and offer a private veranda with views over the Ewaso N’giro River and the African wilderness. The lodge also has a fireplace at the banks of the river, perfect for an evening drink after returning from a great Game Drive.

Spacious communal areas connected to nature

If having a fireplace was not good enough Intrepids Lodge has one of the largest dinning areas we have ever seen in the bush. It also sits on a raised deck, connected to an independent bar and lounge area, all of them overlooking at the Ewaso N’giro River and protected under shady trees.

The riverine forest here creates a cool breeze perfect to get refreshed when you are in the arid lands of Northern Kenya. The lodge also has a swimming pool and a boutique souvenir shop. We said it before: the best of both worlds. What else could you need?

A place for Samburu Culture

Samburu National Reserve should be in your bucket for many reasons. One of them is that it’s the gateway to get to know the culture of the nomadic Samburu people. At Intrepids Lodge, every evening at the bar the guests can go through a lecture to learn more about this pastoralist tribe and how they coexist with wildlife.

At lunch time or supper, guests can also get a taste of Samburu traditional music and dances. A real village continues to exist at the other side of the river and many projects have been implemented with the community to contribute to their local development. 

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